Kia Auto Loan and Financing Services Department in Bremerton WA

The Benefits of Financing with West Hills Kia

We use a wide variety of nationally recognized finance companies. You make the choice!

Competitive Rates

Whether you have excellent credit history, or have had some problems in the past, we can offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Online financing with most approvals received in minutes.


Finance offers with attractive terms and down payments designed to custom fit your budget.

No Haggling
You'll get the best rate and term available based on your application and credit history. You will get our best offer the first time.

Most customers find allowing our experienced Business Manager to put together the optimal financing package for their new or pre-owned Kia is the fastest and best way to purchase. With competitive rates and long-term financing, owning a Kia has never been more affordable. At West Hills Kia, our dedicated Business Manager will work hand-in-hand with our lending partners to develop a financing solution that works best for you.